Armand Rousso – Make your dream come true with X3D technology

When video games have introduced to the world, it was entirely based on remote. It was quite simple to play with the joystick, button control. It was displayed two-dimensional (2D) graphics.

What is X3D technology?

Such games as Packman and Space Invaders brushed the world by storm making their first entrance in arcades. After discovering Video Games, every kid, as well as youngsters, loved to play the game. They were quite fascinating towards this game. Gradually, the creators of video game started developing their software by putting their best efforts. They began to start to implement the game with new technologies.

Various scientific software or innovations used to put in the video game. X3D technology is one of the excellent software; they used to implement in the video game and contemporary gadgets. In fact, the creators of the video game have stated that they will bring a rapid development in numerous devices.

X3D Technologies GmbH progresses, markets and produces new methods of spatial (3D) illustration including LCD displays and software. The method industrialized by X3D Technologies GmbH for 3D demonstration uses 3D monitors, unlike traditional methods, do not require the viewer to usage special glasses to watch the 3D images.

The company’s investigation accomplishments have ensued in some 26 registered copyrights, as of January 2001. X3D Technologies GmbH assembles 3D displays that are based on flat board displays, providing a three-dimensional impression for some observers. Each 4D-Vision within the 3D display is able of replicating real color images.

The company’s invention range includes 3D software and displays, and 3D hard copies for 3D demonstration, as well as scanning equipment for the 3D illustration of scenes and objects. 4D-Vision’s technology is use in some fields, including marketing, advertising, design and architecture, science and technology as well as medicine.

X3D Technologies GmbH was previously known as 4D-Vision GmbH. X3D Technologies GmbH works as a secondary of New Sight Corporation from July 1, 2001.

Services of X3D technologies

3D printing: in X3D technology studio, they have to access various latest technologies. One of the leading technologies of them is 3D printers like FDM, SLA, etc. With the help of this contemporary system, they can access full-color project 660 with the extensive range of material selections to choose from.

3D scanning: X3D technology is one of the modern methods using in gadgets. Along with 3D printing, 3D scanning is also available over here. The companies who access the technology convert the real world assignments into theoretical 3D models. They use Photogrammetry and 3D scanners for their works.

3D Marketing:  If you are searching for new client engagement strategies or require enhancing a creative aspect to a specific marketing campaign, then 3D marketing can assist you in every positive way.

3D modeling: with the help of X3D technology, the companies who access the method turn the ideas into 3D models. In fact, they also offer some post Processing Services to their clients for 3D Scans.

X3D Technologies are one of the superior techniques that have been used for so many years. It enhances the methodology of every system.